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Innovative Financial Assets Funds For Institutions, Private Clients and Banks

Welcome To The Future Of Finance.

Viera Walia Capital is a leading technology and financial services firm that’s changing the way investors engage with financial assets.  By leveraging new-age wisdom and powerful market analytics, we help our clients access the unrealized potential of new and traditional asset classes.

High ROI

Through deep market research, we’re helping clients achieve steady growth in their financial assets over the long term.

Security Protocols

We’re focused on financial assets with an exceptional commitment to protecting the security of the network.

Regulatory Standards

Our legal team is intent on keeping you ahead of government regulations.

Industry Experience

Nearly a decade of experience in capital markets, commercial and multi-family real estate, and blockchain technology.

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Booming Asset Classes For Banks, Private Investors and Institutions

Our Solutions.

The Viera Walia Capital team develops investment solutions using deep and inspired market analysis.  Combining a blend of practical financial experience with unseen industry insights, we help investors realize the full potential of new asset classes. 

Consistent Growth & ROI.

Fund Growth.

Our team of industry-leading professionals in technology, security, and asset management develops bold, reliable solutions to the problems facing investors today.  We blend real-world institutional experience with market insights and analysis to help investors minimize risks, maximize returns, and get the most out of breakthrough asset classes. 


Monthly Growth

Emerging Asset Class

Intelligent Financial Asset Management.

Secure and innovative trading solutions for wealthy individuals, financial advisors, and institutions.

Real Estate - Low Risk



Long-term investments with lower capital gains.

Digital Assets - High Risk



Consistent 3-digit monthly returns & in-depth fund management research

Thought Leadership Is Second Nature.

Research & Insights.

Andrew Viera
Posted by Andrew Viera
February 23, 2022
Andrew Viera
Posted by Andrew Viera
February 23, 2022

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