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Let’s face it – Facebook ads are tough. They’re insanely competitive and require a ton of testing and data analysis to succeed.

Viera Media is the leading Facebook Marketing Agency for brands who care about making a positive impact. If you’ve got a vision to improve the world, we’ll help you use the power of Facebook to make it happen.

Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategies

Helping Ethical Brands Reach More Customers on Facebook

Our experienced team has provided consistent and reliable growth for brands across the world.

Increase Your Facebook Ad Revenue

Our Proven 4-Step Process


Research & Analytics

It’s impossible to connect with people on Facebook without deep research into your brand, industry, and target customer. We’ll evaluate your historic CTRs (clickthrough rates), CPMs (cost per 1000 impressions), LTVs (lifetime value), and CVRs to ensure that growth is always optimized.


Budget Optimization

Say goodbye to the days of burning through your marketing budget with minimal success. Every Facebook ad campaign we launch is meticulously measured, analyzed, and optimized to maximize your budget at every step of the way.


Attract Your Audience

Growing your brand on Facebook requires a complete understanding of your target customer. Through in-depth customer and market analysis, we ensure that your Facebook ad campaigns target the people who are itching to connect with a brand like yours.


Increase Your Revenue

Our Facebook marketing expertise has generated $86M in ad revenue to date and we’d love to welcome your brand into the fold. Facebook is one of the best digital platforms to increase your brand awareness, grow your customer base, and increase sales… and we know exactly what it takes to get you there.

The Sky is the Limit

Effective Facebook Advertising That Propels Your Brand Forward

Viera is the leading Facebook Ad Agency for socially conscious, ethical, green technology, and advocacy brands. We’ve mastered the art of Facebook marketing to empower brands like yours to change the world.

Our Facebook Marketing Performance

Ethical Facebook Advertising With Real Results

$86M in Ad Revenue

There’s no denying Facebook’s utility for connecting with a specific audience. Scratch that – it’s absolute goldmine for growth if you know how to use it. That’s why we dedicated ourselves to being experts at every piece of the Facebook marketing puzzle. The result?  High ROI for all of our clients’ ad campaigns.

$50M Email Marketing Revenue

Want to build meaningful relationships with your customers over time? Then email marketing is an essential piece of the puzzle. We seamlessly weave it into your Facebook ad campaigns to generate an ongoing buzz around your brand and inspire long-term growth.

5.31x Average ROAS

It’s impossible to scale if you don’t stay profitable. Facebook presents a unique challenge here: higher revenue from your ad campaigns = higher customer acquisition costs. But fear not!  We’ve got the tools and expertise to keep your Facebook ad campaigns profitable over the long-run.

Vegan Food Brand Growth - Client Spotlight

Vana Life Foods

Vana Life Foods was founded by lifelong vegan Krishan Walia, who’s family has been thriving on a plant-based diet for generations. Eventually they decided to share their family recipes with the world by creating instant-meal pouches that are preservative-free.

When they first approached us, they had zero eCommerce presence. However, they’d gained a successful retail presence in major retailers like Walmart, Costco, Target, and Ralph’s.

Now, Viera Media is putting Vana Life Foods on the fast-track for growth in the digital world. Our team is helping propel their eCommerce presence with:

  • Media buying (Facebook ads)
  • Operations assistance
  • Logistics optimization
  • Social media content
  • Video editing

Reducing meat consumption is paramount to the continued health of the environment, so we’re thrilled to support the mission of Vana Life Foods! They’re proof that plant-based food isn’t just nutritious, colorful, and environmentally-friendly… it’s also DELICIOUS.

Vegan Food Brand Growth - Client Spotlight

Joule Goddess

Joule Goddess was founded by one of the most passionate founders we’ve ever met!

Yvette Rose is a 47-year-old mother of a son with a learning disability. In learning more about her son’s diagnosis, she realized that the nourishment we give our bodies is incredibly important.

Yvette contact us to increase her digital footprint and eCommerce success. To date, we’ve successfully helped Joule with:

  • Media buying (Facebook ads)
  • Logistics optimization
  • Video editing

These delicious “Gut-Mind Health” bars are a fantastic option for women who want to make smarter snacking choices. We’re committed to helping Joule Goddess continue to grow while sharing their love for healthy, nutritious, and vibrant food!

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