Our 2 million + follower network will get you 5,000 quality followers in just 2 months
- Guaranteed -

A 5-Star Twitter Debut

Looking for six-figure connections, guest posts, speaking invites, real-life MONEY connections? Our 5-Star Twitter Debut debut will get you the 5,000 quality followers to make happen–guaranteed.

How can we make such an offer?

Because we’ve done it over and over and over for six-figure entrepreneurs like:

“30-40 consults booked”

“The more I grow, the more these opportunities wil continue to come”

“500 followers in the past 48 hours”

Copywriter Doug D’Anna jumped from 200 to 9000 followers in less than five months, all by following our method to a T

+3939 in 30 days

“3018 followers in a day”

“2.3 million % increase in Tweet impressions”

46.5% more mentions

“WITHOUT any retweets bought from big accounts”

Meet Your Instructors

If you are a founder, entrepreneur, investor and want to grow your following like these heavy hitters, our 5-Star Twitter Debut was created for you.

If you follow our simple instructions to a T, you’ll land five- and six-figure connections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in partnerships, venture deals, brand deals, and more.

That’s a big claim, I know.

But not when you understand the volume of tapping into our 2 million+ follower network. Then you will begin to understand why you are just two months away from a connection that can change your business for life.

If you’ll give me five minutes, RIGHT NOW, I will guarantee you 5,000 followers in 2 months

To see how to let me introduce myself….

Hi, I'm Ed Latimore.

A little bit of what I’ve accomplished with Twitter:

Made $76,867 in one week selling a PDF. All Twitter.

Grew an audience of over 220,000 people on all my socials (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)

Over 2,000 people have bought from me to learn how to build a Twitter brand. And if it didn’t work you wouldn’t even be reading this right now.

And my partner is JK Molina:

Handles a multi-million follower network and grows accounts for a living

Owner of the #1 Twitter Growth Tool, Tweet Hunter. With 1,000+ paying users making $48,500 a month (recurring and automated)

And it all started with Twitter:

With our combined reach of 243,000 followers, we’ve done our fair bit of damage. But here’s something most people don’t know:

You don’t need a huge following to make the big bucks. You don’t even need years into the game.

You can get hundreds of followers a day since day 1 with our methods. Methods we’ve tried for ghostwriting clients, coaching students and with our own brand.

Methods most “gurus” don’t even know about.

Methods you can apply on a Monday and start winning with on a Tuesday.

Twitter Debut: Your First 5,000 Followers in 2 months

We’re going to get you 5,000 followers in 2 months. Guaranteed. We know this is possible because we’ve done it for dozens of accounts already.

✅ You’ll get access to my and JK’s real follower-paying-high quality network (we’re talking 2 million+ followers here)

✅ If the million follower network somehow doesn’t get you to 5,000 followers in 2 months, you get access to it until you do.

✅ And if that doesn’t do the trick, JK will ghostwrite for you until you do.

PLUS you get all our courses for free:

Engagement is The New Cocaine, Re-Up, Crackhead Hustle Writing Method, Under The Influence, Get 2000 Followers in 30 Days, Build Profitable Personal Brand
$197 for free

Molina Letter (Lifetime subscription)
$98 for free

Bow & Arrow
$298 for free

The Templates
$247 for free

TOTAL: $840 for FREE

PLUS boosts from bigger accounts every day in your niche to everyone who joins (we charge $2.5k+ for these services each)

PLUS we go on calls to ask anything and receive help live ($500 calls for free)

PLUS we introduce you to people in our network who could be worth 5-6 figs to you in the near future. Consider it special treatment.

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000+

That's the good news

The bad news is this is being sent to a combined 250,000 followers and we’re only taking 50 people in. We begin on March 29th.

If we ever run this again it will be at least 50% more expensive.

We have a combined 5,000 buyers list waiting to get in on this deal and we only want to work with people who are serious about a quality Twitter network.

And we’re only taking 30 applicants per week (due to high demand, our call team just can’t take that many calls)

You’ll know exactly what to post. At what time. With what length. So you can get it done in 30 minutes/day.

The priority here is speed. We want to get you to 5k. Fast. And you won’t believe how easy it’s going to be.

But when you see your brand grow with knowledge we’ve learned 6 years into the industry… And all it takes is a couple minutes a day… I can guarantee you’ll be very happy with your ROI.

This is our promise: you’ll get 5,000 followers in 2 months — guaranteed. We’ll boost you with our network. We’ll introduce you to the people who can bring you deals. We’ll put you on the map with an all star debut.

We’ll even handle introductions and get you what you really want:

Connections. Long term plays. Deals with the heavy hitters that could be following you.

By the time you get there you’ll already have made several acquaintances worth well over 5-6 figures to you.

But before you schedule:

Remember this is being sent to 250,000 followers and we’re only taking 50 people (that means only 0.02% of our audience will get in)

You’re still on time. There are still 48 spots available before we begin on March 29th and will raise prices by at least 50% next time around.

So if quality connections, networking with the people who can 2-3x your business, a personal brand that will open opportunities for you in the future and a 100% certainty you get there sounds remotely interesting, I suggest you pick a slot below:


Q: When do we start?

March 29th.

Q: How much time will this take?

1 hour a day (tops) + an (optional) call every week

Q: How much money will I make?

As much as you can take, really. One connection from a Twitter-quality network is worth 5-6 figs. Your main issue won’t be people wanting to work with you. It will be time to tend to all.

Q: What if I don’t get the 5,000 followers in 2 months?

You get access to the million follower network until you do. If it goes down to it, JK will ghostwrite for you so we guarantee that you get there.

Q: What if I get the 5,000 followers before the 2 months?

You still get the 2 million follower network for the entirety of it. You could grow to 10,000 followers if you want.

Get 5,000 followers in 2 months -- Guaranteed:

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