Why Viera Capital?

We are a global investment management firm focused on leveraging idiosyncratic alpha and the unprecedented movement of capital in the emergent digital asset class to drive exceptional value for our clients.

Our expertise lies in research, discovery, and in-depth market analytics to make intelligent investment decisions that move the needle in a drastic way.  We welcome market volatility and use it to our advantage to realize consistent long-term returns.  We’re dedicated to capturing exceptional investment opportunities before they hit the mainstream.  

  • Design

    Viera Capital is a global alternative investment firm focused on capturing idiosyncratic alpha across the capital structure, catalyzed by event-driven change. For almost three decades, we’ve sought to identify relative value and inefficiencies in global markets to our clients’ benefit. We embrace change and complexity to seek to unlock value through an all-season approach that we execute with agility and discipline. Our diversified platform of solutions is designed to capture new opportunities as they arise.

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